Order a Custom Pedal

How to Order

Complete the form below detailing which pedal you would like. If you would like a custom colour please state this. If it is a not a colour from the usual stock there will be a £10 charge added for this. 

Once we have received your order we will be in touch to confirm and will send an invoice and begin building the pedal once this has been paid.

If you simply have a query please complete the form with any questions you have. 

**Please check your spam/junk mail if you have submitted a form but have had no response**

Example Order:
Hybrid MK1.5
All copper

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Price List

Silicon Fuzz Face/MK1.5 from: £135
Hybrid Fuzz Face/MK1.5 from:  £150
Germanium Fuzz Face/MK1.5 from: £160
MKII: £175

Add bias control + £25

Dallas Rangemaster
Silicon from: £120
Germanium from: £130

Add range knob + £10

Tchula Clone from: £140
COT 50 Clone from: £130

Add volume knob £10

UK - £9
Europe - £16
USA - £25
Rest of world - £22



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